Sort Email Automatically Using iCloud Rules

Many people know that they can use rules or smart mailboxes in Mail for Mac to automatically sort their emails, but one of the biggest downsides to that method is that your mail only gets sorted when your Mac is on with Mail running. If you have an iCloud email, you can actually set up some basic rules to do some sorting for you at the server level, meaning it gets sorted before it ever even gets to your iPhone, Mac, iPad, or any other device. I personally use these rules to sort automatic emails I get that I don't need to read. Things like automatic statements from my bank get sorted into a specific folder or forwarding emails from a specific sender to another email address.

To do this, first login to your account at, then go into the Mail app, once in your inbox, click on the gear in the bottom left-hand corner. If you don't see the gear, you might need to show the sidebar by clicking on the arrow pointing right at the top left-hand corner about your inbox email list. In the gear's menu click on the Rules option.

In this page you can view rules you've already made, or click Add a Rule... to make your first rule. You're fairly limited in what choices you can make, but there's still the potential for some powerful management of your emails. You can select for any email from, to, or CC'd to a specific person or any words in a subject to be moved to a folder of your choice or trash or forwarded to any other email address.

Apple doesn't provide a lot of options for iCloud email rules at the moment, but I'm hoping they improve them in the future. If this tip helped you, or you have some good rules ideas, let me know!

Dylan Juran