icap accompanied the consulate general of japan in guangzhou to visit meizhou city. -买球的app排行榜

icap accompanied the consulate general of japan in guangzhou to visit meizhou city. -买球的app排行榜

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recently, infinite capital holding company (“icap”) accompanied the consulate general of japan in guangzhou to visit meizhou city. zhang aijun, mayor of meizhou city, chen junqin, member of the standing committee of the meizhou municipal party committee, and zeng shangzhong, vice mayor, met with hideki ishizuka, japanese consul general in guangzhou, and zhang chaomin, chairman of icap, and other investigation team members. meizhou municipal party committee foreign affairs office, meizhou municipal bureau of commerce and other relevant units also attended the meeting.

mayor zhang aijun (fourth from the left) and vice mayor zeng shangzhong (sixth from the left) of meizhou city met with hideki ishizuka, japanese consul general in guangzhou (fifth from the left), and other officials

meizhou, located in the northeast of guangdong province, has eight counties and cities under its jurisdiction and six pillar industries: tobacco, electric power, building materials, electronic information, mechanical and electrical manufacturing. it is a national famous historical and cultural city, one of the top ten leisure cities in china and an international slow city. dabu county, under its jurisdiction, has the reputation of the town of longevity in the world. meanwhile, meizhou is known as the world's tourist capital, known as the hometown of football and the hometown of overseas chinese. it is the most representative hakka community in the world and the spiritual home of the hakka people. meizhou city is home to huang zunxian, the famous poet, diplomat, thinker, statesman and the forerunner of sino-japanese friendship in the qing dynasty, li huitang, the world football king, marshal ye jianying and so on. it is also home to more than 9 million overseas chinese and compatriots from hong kong, macao and taiwan. it is one of the key hometowns of overseas chinese and one of the important ancestral hometowns of compatriots from hong kong, macao and taiwan.

hakka women are well known for their diligence, beauty, and kindness.

the team visited guangdong jiayuan technology co., ltd., dabu fuda ceramics co., ltd., dabu tongmei industrial co., ltd., huang zunxian's former residence, hakka museum of china and other establishments in meizhou.


guangdong jiayuan technology co., ltd. is one of the first listed companies on the science and technology innovation board (jiayuan technology for short, code: 688388). jiayuan technology is the first stock of china's copper foil industry circulation. it is a leading enterprise in the field of lithium-ion battery materials in china, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, manufacturing and sales of high performance electrolytic copper foil for lithium ion batteries.

liao pingyuan, chairman of jiayuan technology, is introducing the company's future development strategy to the investigation team.

dabu tongmei industrial co., ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the deep processing of grapefruit. the enterprise relies on the rich and high-quality grapefruit resources in dabu county. it produces health care products and cosmetics and other high-quality products with grapefruit as the raw material.


dabu fuda ceramics co., ltd. is a star enterprise in dabu county, the hometown of blue and white porcelain, and its products are exported to japan, europe and the united states.

huang zhichao, chairman of fuda ceramics, is introducing the manufacturing process of blue and white porcelain to the investigation group