internationalization of elderly care industry, pioneers of nursing talents -买球的app排行榜

internationalization of elderly care industry, pioneers of nursing talents -买球的app排行榜

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on the morning of october 31, the china-japan (guangzhou) elderly care industry forum, jointly held by guangzhou civil affairs bureau, japan external trade organization (jetro), guangdong elderly-care services association, icap and guangzhou poly jinhan exhibition co., ltd., ended in a successful way in qiangwei and xinyu hall, floor 1, poly world trade center exhibition hall (pwtc expo).

director of guangzhou representative office of jetro, leaders of guangzhou civil affairs bureau and leaders of guangdong elderly-care services association attended the forum and delivered speeches. we hope to introduce our experience in the elderly care industry to china for mutual benefit and make our contribution to the elderly care industry in china," said shinji shimizu, director of guangzhou representative office of jetro. he said that jetro had held 62 "aging industry exchanges" in china and would try to build a platform to help japanese and chinese enterprises negotiate for cooperation. he believed that there would be more and more cooperation opportunities between the two sides in the future.

shinji shimizu is delivering a speech

he jingqing, director of guangzhou civil affairs bureau, delivered a speech at the forum. he stressed that as the functional department of old-age service in guangzhou, guangzhou civil affairs bureau was comprehensively deepening the comprehensive reform pilot of national old-age service industry, and actively constructing the model of "large old-age service in big cities" with guangzhou characteristics. besides, it would explore new approaches to old-age care services in mega cities, strive to create an old-age care service pattern with full coverage at multiple levels, multiple supports and multiple entities, and accelerate the development of socialized old-age care, medical care, integrated development of old-age care industry, cross-border cooperation in old-age care services and community home-based old-age care services to meet the growing needs of the elderly. ”

he jingqing is delivering a speech.

"there are many similar but different backgrounds and conditions in the elderly care industry between china and japan, and there is a huge space for cooperation in the fields of resource integration, complementary advantages, experience sharing and talent exchange." dong keyi, secretary of the elderly service industry in guangdong province, said in a speech at the forum. he also said that the forum had invited the chinese and japanese elderly care industry's theory elites and experts to share their valuable lessons they have learned through countless trials and tribulations, which was of great significance to open up the road of innovative development of the nursing industry, promote mutual cooperation and exchange, and accelerate the solution of various difficulties we are facing.

dong keyi is delivering a speech.

japan entered the aging society 30 years earlier than china, so it has accumulated rich policy experience and nursing experience in dealing with the aging problem. guangzhou foundation for international exchange and cooperation and guangzhou infinite capital massive health industry operation co., ltd. launched an international exchange and cooperation platform for nursing talents based on the shortage of nursing talents between china and japan, which was committed to creating a channel for efficient matching of nursing talents between china and japan and providing comprehensive, multi-perspective, international one-stop industry information for chinese and japanese elderly care enterprises.

the launch of the international nursing talent platform would bring new blood to japan's aging care industry and provide opportunities for domestic nursing talents to go international for exchange and study. at the same time, based on the development needs of china's domestic elderly care industry, we would continue to explore and learn the experience of japan's aging industry in the orientation, cultivation and policy of nursing talents.

"our country has entered a super-aging society. the old-age care problem is becoming a prominent social problem. the traditional family old-age care has gradually developed into institutional old-age care and community old-age care. the cultivation and supply of old-age care talents is related to whether the social old-age care in china can meet the needs of the society and develop healthily." zhang guangli, director of human resources and social security department of guangdong province, delivered a speech at the forum. he also expressed the hope that the international nursing talents could integrate more resources and learn from the experience of japan and other countries for the purpose of serving the society and benefiting the elderly, so as to cultivate more talents for the elderly care industry in our province, and that more technical colleges and universities could actively devote themselves to the cultivation of talents for the aged, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and make greater contributions to the elderly care service of our country.

zhang guangli is delivering a speech.

up to now, seven schools, one chinese enterprise, three japanese enterprises and two domestic and foreign associations have joined the international nursing talent platform. zhaoqing medical college, foshan experimental vestibule school, guangzhou technician college, shenzhen huaxia technical school, guangzhou electronic commerce technical school, guangdong jiangmen chinese medical college and the open university of china (guangzhou) jinshazhou branch actively carried out cooperation and communication, and aoyuan healthy life group, the listed company focused on building massive health industry, would also use its innovative modes of "health science and technology" and "health ecology" to help the international nursing talent platform. in the future, this platform will follow the footsteps of the foundation for international exchange and communication., and the enterprises that join it will also be international and diversified.

the international nursing talent platform was officially launched.

at the forum, yamaki he, the operation director of medical care service (china) company inc., delivered a keynote speech entitled layout of the japanese elderly care industry chain, in which he analyzed the current situation of the layout of the japanese pension industry chain, and launched a profound discussion on the future development and industry planning of the japanese elderly care industry.

liu haibo, vice president of guangzhou technician college, also shared the practical experience of training excellent nursing care professionals at the forum, and put forward further guidance for the exchange and training of nursing care professionals between china and japan.

zhao yishu, representative of guangzhou representative office of japan accord care co., ltd. gave a speech on the localized practice of "japanese care concept" in china, and shared the differences between china and japan in care concept for the aged.

a total of 20 enterprises from japan were invited to participate in this china-japan elderly care forum to jointly discuss the development trend and industrial opportunities of the elderly care industry and conduct in-depth project cooperation and docking, and have reached cooperation consensus with a number of local enterprises on the spot.

this forum had built a direct, rapid and effective communication platform for chinese and japanese enterprises, which was conducive to sharing the practical experience of the chinese and japanese elderly care industry, promoting the training and cooperation of international talents, and would drive and promote the development of the chinese and japanese elderly care industry to a new level.