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on april 3rd, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between china-japan biomedical industrial park (guangzhou) and the people’s government of guangzhou municipality was held at the 2019 china guangzhou international investment annual conference. both parties will fully play to their respective advantages and jointly build a big-health-industry ecosystem for china and japan in guangzhou.

zhang shuofu, secretary of guangzhou municipal party committee, wen guohui, mayor of guangzhou municipality and zhang chaomin, chairman of icap, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. li ming, vice mayor of guangzhou municipality, and zhong yubin, chief operating officer of icap, signed the agreement.


china-japan biomedical industrial park is one of the 52 key cooperation projects signed by the chinese premier and japanese prime minister at the first sino-japanese third-party cooperation forum on october 26th, 2018. it is in the first state-level cooperation physical space for china and japan in the big health industry.



china-japan biomedical industrial park is organized and built by innovation capital of japan kyoto university and infinite capital holding company (icap), on behalf of china and japan. the industrial park is mainly used as a carrier to undertake the cooperation between china and japan in life sciences, such as innovative drugs coming into china from japan, chinese medicines, medical devices, international cooperation hospitals, scientists exchange centers and business incubators, etc.