exploring the differentiation model of production, teaching and research of cambridge biomedicine -买球的app排行榜

exploring the differentiation model of production, teaching and research of cambridge biomedicine -买球的app排行榜

date:2019-03-26 00:00:00 num:2601 from:广民投

on the afternoon of march 26, 2019, alan barrell, dean of education, innovation college of cambridge, uk, and representatives of bgta international accelerator visited icap to introduce the development and investment opportunities of the biomedical industry in cambridge to icap and its related partners in the conference hall of icap.


at the event, professor alan barrell answered the questions raised by the guests, such as the transformation of cambridge achievements, the mode of industry-university-research cooperation, the opportunities for cooperation with china and the participation of the british government, and introduced the book how to finance for startups. the guangzhou  foundation for international exchange and cooperation helped organize the event.




speaker: professor alan barrell


        being an excellent investor, professor barrell is also a chairman and entrepreneur mentor in several technology startups.


industrial environment in cambridge, uk


     it is reported that the southeastern part of the uk is one of the most recognized technology centres in the world, with an unparalleled record of r&d and innovation. the region's gdp accounts for 15.8% of the uk's gdp, and r&d expenditure accounts for 3.4% of the region's gdp. the prestigious cambridge university is also located here, which is the core of the region's research activities. about a third of the human gene research projects are carried out at the sanger institute of cambridge university. this is a vibrant and dynamic region, which has formed an innovative economic form with the close collaboration of universities, emerging companies and large multinational corporations. they cooperate in conducting business in industrial networks and constantly attracts investment from all over the world.



cambridge high-tech biomedical industry cluster


    it is known that cambridge high-tech biomedical industry cluster is the third-largest in the world, the largest in europe, with more than 20,000 companies, including more than 4300 knowledge-intensive companies, 1540 technology companies, 14 companies with a market value of $1 billion, two companies with a market value of $10 billion, as well as numerous research institutions and innovation centers. there are abundant and comprehensive biomedical fields such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, regenerative medicine and biomedical devices. in the cambridge science and technology biomedical industry cluster, a clear division of labour provides a suitable environment for technology transformation and startup companies.