icap and jetro guangzhou has organized the china-买球的app排行榜

icap and jetro guangzhou has organized the china-买球的app排行榜

date:2021-01-22 00:00:00 num:2784 from:广民投

china-japan cross-border e-commerce pharmaceutical industry webinar jointly organized by infinite capital holding company (icap) and jetro guangzhou was successfully held at international trade online expo at 13:00-16:30china standard time (cst), utc 8, (14:00-17:00, japan standard time (jst), utc 9) on 22nd january 2021.


a total of 270 companies from the two countries participated in this webinar, including 173 japanese companies and 97 chinese companies. the webinar invited well-known industry experts to share cross-border e-commerce pharmaceutical industry topics as below:


●china-japan economic and trade opportunities under rcep, how to face challenges and have win-win cooperation

speaker: kejian lv, vice president of the national economic association of japan, former commercial minister of the chinese embassy in japan, former director of the asian department of the ministry of commerce

●the charm of japanese local niche products

speaker: 五十岚 武, chief representative and general manager of japan airlines guangzhou office

●how do japanese pharmaceutical companies enter the chinese market safely and efficiently through the cross-border e-commerce model

speaker: 志贺弘明, representative director of jcec

●complementary advantages of products and channels, creating a win-win cross-border e-commerce model

speaker: ji yuan, general manager and chief research officer of guangzhou guangzheng hang seng securities limited

●analysis of the current situation and trend of china's non-prescription drug market

speaker: qing xiao, chief scientist of shenzhen hybio pharmaceutical

●preparation and prospects of china's pharmaceutical retail for imported otc drugs cross-border e-commerce field.

speaker: coco lam, general manager of e-commerce business center of dashenlin pharmaceutical group


at the same time, the meeting also held a signing ceremony between japan airlines and infinite capital holding companyicapas a good start for the cooperation between chinese and japanese in cross-border e-commerce in 2021.